Sun Tool Company
Sun Tool Company started with an idea over 20 years ago that ended up as one of the greatest innovations in the automotive brake lathe industry. Formed in 1990, Sun Tool Company is a Division of Sun Systems Inc. Sun Tool Company designs, engineers, manufactures and sells innovative, quality products. Sun Tool Company has numerous patents and trademarks registered and applied for with the United States Patent and Trademark office.

What's in a Name?
Take a closer look at our adapters and accessories. Chances are, if you're familiar with high mass brake lathe adapter sets, you're familiar with Sun Tool. You might not know exactly who we are, but if you've seen our high mass adapters sold by major brake lathe manufacturers, auto parts stores, and automobile manufacturers' tool & equipment catalogs since 1994, you now know that Sun Tool Company designed, engineered, and invented the best adapters on the planet. Beware of Pirates! There's only one Speed Pro®.

S-550 Series 
In 1991 we introduced the S-550 series brake lathe adapter system. It was designed specifically for the most popular composite rotor applications at the time and was the first composite rotor adapter system to incorporate a high mass hub-base. Also, it did not have to be bolted to the brake lathe arbor to function like most popular adapter systems being used at the time.

S-660 Series 
In November of 1993, the S-660 series brake lathe adapter system was officially introduced to the automotive industry at the APAA trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada.. The high mass hub base and high mass flange plate design reduced harmonic vibration better than any other brake lathe adapter system in the world. It also had a universal centering cone system. All popular rotors, drums, and flywheels were now able to be machined successful and, without using a specific step ring. The S-660 series brake lathe adapters revolutionized the brake lathe industry with a new design that allowed brake technicians to quickly set up and accurately resurface almost any automotive or light truck hubless and composite rotors and drums. The S-660 series adapters squared hubless rotors to any brake lathe with a 1” arbor, simulating it being bolted to the vehicle, eliminating flex, wobble, and distortion when being turned. The result was a fast set up, an accurate cut and elimination of run-out that caused brake pedal pulsation. Shop owners agreed; the all new Sun Tool adapters were the best investment they could make for their brake lathe business.

Speed Pro®
Sun Tool proudly introduces the all new Speed Pro® product line. The most technically advanced brake lathe adapters in the world are now available with all new patented neoprene rubber banded flange plates. Rubber banded flange plates help reduce harmonic vibration and chatter producing a superior micro inch surface. Rubber banded flange plates are also easier and safer to handle.

Proper brake lathe machining techniques demanded by original equipment manufacturers world wide continue to escalate as customer expectation of a higher quality of service throughout the industry rises. "Don't replace an expensive rotor when it can be machined." Sun Tool Company is committed to our customers and the industry by utilizing exclusively, high quality, high mass flange plate adapters . Our continual efforts will be to provide the best, most cost effective, highest quality brake lathe and wheel balancer adapters and accessories money can buy to meet the needs of our customers.